The Shoprite is worth going through the unpleasant neighborhood


There are some cute shops here and there, but overall it’s moody, dark, and with dodgy figures hanging around. Still, this is the place where I do my groceries thanks to the Shoprite that’s located here. It has everything according to the diet I’m on. It’s even worth having to drag two full bags back home with me each day. My diet helps me stay low on carbs, and you’d be surprised how many low carb products the Shoprite has to offer. The Shoprite is not exactly known as a diet specialised supermarket, but maybe I’m lucky. They have great cream cheese that I like to mix in with my salads. The salads I also get from the Shoprite, together with those super sized cucumbers, juicy cherry tomatoes and pretty looking capsicums. It’s delicious with the unsalted nuts and fresh salmon. I also buy the three kinds of full grain pasta they have and the delicious 30+ cheese. Unfortunately they don’t have brown rice, so for this kind of rice I’ll have to go elsewhere. The Shoprite also doesn’t offer a great diversity of soft drinks and they’re also not very tasty. Oh right, they also sell very tasty corn waffles. I often eat them with a bit of hummus.

At first sight you could say that they don’t offer much variety in their products, but I recommend taking your time to discover everything there’s available. Some things are hidden under or behind other boxes. Quality is also important and the Shoprite does offer great quality for very low prices. Especially the vegetables are very cheap just like the fruit. There are also some cosmetics and householding products, but I don’t really get those here unless something really catches my attention.

So yes, I’m an obvious fan of the Shoprite! Not just because it’s a nice grocery shopping experience, but also thanks to the quality and great prices!

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